Certificate of Organic Production, Organic Armenia, 2014

Certificate of Organic Production, USDA Organic, 2014

Certificate of Organic Production - Green Caucasus

Certificate of Organic Production - ECOGLOBE

Test Protocols - Anushak Honey

Analysis Results - Anushak Honey

Analysis Results - Anushak Honey

Certificate of Organic Production, ECOGLOBE LLC, 2015

Analysis Results - Anushak Honey, 2015

Certificate of organic production, ECOGLOBE, 2015

EU Organic Certificate

NOP Certificate_200415


NOP Certificate_002637


NOP Certificate_200415


NOP Certificate_2017-159


NOP Certificate_2017-160


NOP Certificate_D-ZE-18154-01-00


Organic Production: Tested and Certified

"Anushak" production is healthy, nutrient-rich, GMO-free, natural and organic. Our products are tested and certified to assure they meet all the requirements of organic production. Not, that all the certificates showcased are updated on a regular basis.

- Certificate issued on the basis of Green Caucasus "Standard of Production, Processing, Labelling and Marketing of Organically Produced Foods".

- Certificate issued by ECOGLOBE LTD, to certify "Anushak" products meet all the requirements for the "Organic Food Production".

- Analysis: "Anushak" BIO Honey and Royal Jelly Enriched BIO Honey induce human monocytes activation and stimulate cytokine production in vitro.

- Product Test Protocols issued by Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Armenia